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  • ROOR Tech 4-Arm Tree Bubble Base
  • ROOR Tech 4-Arm Tree Bubble Base

ROOR Tech 4-Arm Tree Bubble Base


This ROOR Tech 14” Bubble Base was brought back in 2020 to allow an old school look for the reimagined ROOR Tech line. Made from 45mm x 5mm German Duran Schott glass at the neck and base of the tube, ROOR Tech took that original ROOR 14” Bubble Base with the Classic ROOR Tech 4-Arm Tree Perc surrounded by 60mmx5mm and finally topped off with a 25x1.5mm splash guard and ice-pinch for zero splash. The new classic 14” Bubble Base is complete with an 18.8mm joint and the 18.8mm male bowl with built in glass screen. Includes: ROOR Tech Double 4-Arm Tree Bubble Base (White with Black Outline Decal) ROOR Low profile 19mm/14mm open ended downstem 18.8mm ROOR Tech Bowl ROOR Box Authentication Seal *Attached to tube

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