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ROOR Tech Fixed

*This ROOR® Tech 18” stemless fixed beaker was redesigned in 2017 to allow a new look for the ROOR® Tech line. Made from 50mm x 5mm German Duran Schott glass. ROOR® Tech took that original ROOR® 18” beaker with the Classic ROOR® Tech Barrel Perc on the top chamber and made the lower percolator similar to the original ROOR® Beaker body with slits on the bottom for maximum airflow and percolation. Topped off with a 30mm splash guard and ice-pinch for zero splash. The entire 2017 Tech line have been fitted with built-in debris catcher. The new fixed stemless 18” beaker is complete with an 18.8mm joint and the 18.8mm male bowl with built in glass screen.
*ROOR®Tech Fixed 18" 50x5 Beaker with Barrel Perc
*18.8mm ROOR® Tech Bowl
*ROOR® Box
*Authentication Seal *Attached to Tube
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