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Stundenglass Review: Should you buy it?

You’ve probably seen the viral video of Seth Rogan hitting the Stundenglass and wondered if you should add this piece to your collection. The Stundenglass for sale today has come a long way since the viral video with Seth Rogan, making it look and feel better than what’s in the video.

But is it worth the $600 price tag, or are you better off building a gravity bong at home? Here’s what you need to know.

Invented by a former Apple engineer

A glance at the Stundenglass gives the impression of quality and high-end engineering right away. Tracey Huston, a former Apple engineer, is the founder and inventor of Stündenglass — bringing a lot of the user-friendliness and sleek design Apple is known for.

This isn’t the typical gravity bong you made in college. It provides greater water percolation, durability, and a design that anyone can use.

How does the Stundenglass work?

Stundenglas means hourglass in German. The patented 360-degree design of the Stundenglass works similarly. To use it, turn the device to flip the glass globes. And like an hourglass, watch as the water funnels through to the bottom, creating a vacuum that sucks air through the bowl and out the mouthpiece.

Interchangeable mouthpieces

You get to choose from either a contactless mouthpiece or a hose attachment, ideal for hookah. The silicone hose is 3 feet long and comes with a glass mouthpiece. The contactless option provides a steady stream of smoke that you can inhale without ever touching the piece with your lips.

Versatile attachments

The Stundenglass is an all-in-one smoking piece that gives a unique and enjoyable experience for smoking shisha, flowers, or concentrates. The device comes with all the necessary attachments to make switching on the spot easily.

Two-way water filtration

Aside from everything else mentioned, this is where the Stundenglass really stands out from your typical gravity bongs. The piece comes with two removable down stems, one for each globe. This provides a smoother smoking experience that’s comfortable for even the novice smoker.

Reasons to buy a Stundenglass

Why do people continue to pay the premium price tag for the Stundenglass? Would you mind looking at what people say about this piece and what it’s like to use it?

You don’t have to smoke it all at once. The viral video with Seth Rogan makes it look like this is an intense thing to smoke out of, but you actually have a lot of control. You can stop the flow of smoke by simply tilting the device so that it isn’t pointing straight up and down.

It’s easy to clean. Keeping bongs clean during the pandemic has been a challenge, primarily due to a shortage of isopropyl alcohol. This piece is made of high-quality and durable borosilicate glass, meaning it’s dishwasher safe — no isopropyl alcohol required.

A lot of options in one device. Whether the night calls for hookah, dabs, or a solo sesh with your flower, you’re covered. Match that with the sleek look of the Stundenglass, and you have a perfect centerpiece for those who don’t want the cluttered look of a lot of bongs and pipes.

It’s perfect for groups. The contactless smoke system means you don’t have to worry about germs or potential viruses that someone might be carrying. This gives you peace of mind when you share and gives you one less thing to worry about.

The piece is super stable and well built. The Stundenglass is made from borosilicate glass, aircraft-grade aluminum, and surgical grades stainless steel. It also has a stable center of gravity and is unlikely to tip over. This is why they confidently back all of their pieces with a warranty.

What does it feel like to smoke out of the Stundenglass?

Let’s get down to what most people are curious about when they research this one-of-a-kind gravity hookah.

Ease of use

You probably won’t get it right on your first try, but after playing around with it for a while, anyone can quickly get the hang of it. Using the interchangeable mouthpieces and smoking attachments is easy, only taking a couple of steps to remove or attach them. It’s slightly more complicated than using a bong but is still straightforward enough for anyone to use.

Flavor retention

Your average gravity bong isn’t exactly known for providing flavorful hits, but this isn’t your average gravity bong. The piece provides excellent flavor for your high-end bud or concentrates. I’m no bong scientist, but the unique two-way water filtration system probably has a lot to do with it.

Smoke comfort

The thick stream of smoke that’s pushed out of the mouthpiece has a unique feeling, unlike any other piece I’ve smoked out of. It pushes the perfect amount of smoke and makes getting a clean and smooth hit effortless.

Take it a step further with the accessories.

As if the Stundenglass didn’t already have enough going for it, you can buy accessories to improve the look, function, and feel of your bong.

You can improve the look of your piece with custom hookah mouthpieces, different colored hardware, and custom glass globes. This is great for people who want to use this as a centerpiece in their homes or have something cool to look at when getting baked.

Changing the function of your piece is also as easy as switching out some of the hardware. You can opt for smaller glass globes or up stems and even use a G Pen Connect for temperature-controlled dabs. You can also some of your own glass on glass bowl attachments.

I can’t think of another bong on the market that can do as much as the Stundenglass at the quality it consistently delivers. It’s no wonder this bong quickly made a name for itself with new and old smoking enthusiasts.

Should you buy it?

If you have the extra dough laying around and are looking for a one-of-a-kind smoking experience, then you should definitely pick up your own Stundenglass. The ease of use, quality, and endless options you get make it well worth the price tag and will be around long enough to make you appreciate that investment.

The Stundenglass is perfect for those who have regular group smoking sessions, people who want a unique centerpiece, or those of us looking for a new way to enjoy our bud. This piece has a place in the home of casual and experienced smokers alike.

Having something that can handle shisha, flowers, and concentrates in one package is convenient and reduces clutter, making it safer for use when you have many people around. I highly recommend you try the Stundenglass for yourself and see why so many people continue to swear by it.

Visit to add this futuristic piece to your collection.

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