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Why RooR Bongs Are Worth The Money

Updated: Feb 19

Everyone swears by RooR. They provide clean smooth hits with effortless pulls, and they have the weight of quality glass in every piece. But you might be wondering, why are RooR bongs more expensive than some other brands on the market, and is it worth the money?

If you’re used to buying affordable pieces at your local headshop, these are fair questions to ask. Here’s everything you need to know about why RooR is a premium brand, and some guidance on avoiding counterfeits, making sure you’re buying a quality piece you can enjoy for several years.

RooR Means Quality Glass Every Time

The first thing you need to consider when justifying the price of a new RooR bong is the quality of the glass. RooR glass is thick, durable, and far better than what you get with cheaper mass-produced Chinese glass, which easily breaks or shatters upon slight impacts.

All RooR bongs use lab-grade borosilicate glass. This material contains boron trioxide for increased strength and durability, which is why it is also the preferred glass of wineries, high-end restaurants, and labs. This is why RooR bongs always have a little weight to them.

Expert glassblowers make every RooR bong by hand, using cutting-edge techniques and the fine artistic touches that make every piece special. Combine this with the low volume manufacturing, and you also get a close eye on quality control, making sure every piece is up to the highest standards.

Pay More For RooR Glass and Save Money

If you’ve ever had a glass piece, you’ve probably lost one too. You might knock it off your table, drop it on a pass, or the universe might conspire against you to put your piece in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s why durability counts.

RooR glass is durable but not invincible, meaning you still have to be careful. However, you should expect your piece to hold up to minor falls and bumps you are most likely to have when using it. So, you don’t need to frequently replace your bongs after minor falls, which saves you money in the long run.

Another way RooR glass can save you money is by helping you make the most out of your smoke. The perfectly engineered volume to water ratios and quality seals makes filling your bong and clearing it much easier. This leads to less stale smoke in your bong and an overall better smoking experience.

Always Make Sure Your RooR Is Authentic

If you didn’t know much about RooR or how they make their glass, then you might think the only thing that makes it different from a cheap piece is the brand. This makes it incredibly easy for some sellers to trick customers by selling counterfeit bongs by copying the logo or a similar style.

So how do you know if your Roor is authentic? RooR is aware of the other sellers trying to pass off their bongs and trick customers. As a response, they began introducing authenticator labels on all bongs post-2018. Just visit this page and input the code on your bong for an instant answer about whether it’s legit or not.

But authenticating a bong only happens after you buy it, meaning it’s always better to buy from a trusted source, so you don’t waste any of your time and money. SmokerzLand is your trusted source for quality pieces, selling only the brands we trust. Search through authentic RooR bongs for sale, and find the perfect piece with no worries about whether or not it’s the real thing.

If Your Bong Has Any Of These Red Flags, It’s a Fake

Aside from using the authenticator and buying from a trusted source, there are also some common signs that may indicate a fake. These are things RooR never adds to their bongs and are dead giveaways from cheap shortcuts in the manufacturing process.

5 Things To Look Out For

1. Does your RooR have a signature?

When examining the signature, don’t pay attention to placement or size because every signature is up to the blower, and they each have their own style. If your RooR doesn’t have a signature, it should have an authenticator tag attached to it.

2. RooR glass is usually heavier

Pick up your bong and feel the weight of it in your hand. Does it feel heavier than your usual bargain piece? If it doesn’t, it probably means the bong isn’t made of RooR’s borosilicate glass, indicating a possible fake. The weight of a RooR bong will vary according to its thickness.

3. Look for even thickness

Another thing that is a dead giveaway of a fake is checking the glass thickness throughout the piece. A genuine RooR bong will have even glass thickness throughout, while a fake usually begins thick and becomes thinner towards the base and joints.

4. Check the RooR label size

Checking the RooR label to see if a piece is real or not isn’t straightforward. There’s no standard for color or size, but as a rule of thumb, the label size should correspond to the size of the bong. If it covers too much or too little of the bong, then you’re dealing with a fake.

5. The second R in RooR always faces left

Some RooR counterfeiters forget to invert the last R in the logo, something a real RooR will never have. You should also check to see that the trademark symbol is located above the second R at the end of the logo. RooR puts a lot of care into their labels, so there’s no room for mistakes, cheap and peelable stickers, or any inconsistencies with their brand.

Always Buy Your RooR New

Buying a used bong of any kind is always a bad idea. Some people assume that because RooR used high-quality glass engineered for durability, buying it second-hand shouldn’t be a problem. But you should never do this, and here’s why.

The first problem with buying second-hand has to do with cleanliness. You won’t have any idea of how the bong was maintained, how often it was cleaned, what it was exposed to, and what someone smoked out of it. Bongs that aren’t kept clean are also notorious for ugly staining, a strong smell, and a taste that never leaves your smoke.

Another thing you have to consider when buying used is not knowing where the person originally purchased the bong. It’s best for both your RooR piece and your peace of mind to know that you purchased your bong from a trusted seller without having to worry about authenticating, so you can enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Smokerzland — Premium RooR Bongs For Sale

Smokerzland takes authenticity seriously. That’s why whenever you buy from us, you can be sure that your RooR glass is the real deal. Check out our catalog of RooR bongs for sale, each guaranteed to be the real thing, and provide clean, smooth hits. Choose from classic beakers or some of the fancier options from RooR Tech.

We have locations in California and proudly ship worldwide. So whether you’re looking to get a RooR in Canada, the U.S., or the UK, we can help you find the perfect piece for your smoking needs.

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